We present below a list of our CORE programs and their Objectives:
  Interpersonal Communication Skills (Verbal) 2Days
Objective       :  
  To develop Clarity in communication
  To create better understanding and enhance relationships
  To liquidate the high cost of
    In-effective & Dyfunctional Communication
  Develop Confidence to Express ideas and views
  To Enhance Listening Abilities
  To Develop Leadership in Communication
  Business Presentation Skills 2Days
Objective       :  
  Overcome Nervousness & Anxiety to address an audience
  TPresent ideas clearly, distinctively, creatively, persuasively and convincingly
  Improve presentation effectiveness through scientific use of visual aids
  Deliver Effective PowerPoint Presentation
  How to handle question and answer sessions
  Business Etiquette 1Days
    A Program on Professional Presence  
Objective       :  
  Principles of being a Host and a Guest
  Table Manners and Dining Etiquette
  Business Entertaining
  Cultural Sensitivities
  Appropriate Gift-giving
  Building an Effective Team 2Days
Objective       :  
  Understanding self and others and the behaviours
  To imbibe qualities of an effective team member.
  Enhance Interpersonal relationship through effective communication
  To improve and increase productivity by active teamwork

  Train the Trainer 3Days
Objective       :  
  How to project the "right" image to learners
  Appropriate ways to ask questions
  How to effectively listen to your learners
  How to deliver effective and useful feedback to learners
  How to quickly spot the "difficult" student before a problem develops
  Improve your self-confidence
  Effective Time Management 1Days
Objective       :  
  Managing Self by putting first things first
  To identify the Minor and Major time wasters
  Becoming more aware of our Roles
  The Best Time Schedules – Why they fail?

  Supervisory Development 3Days
Objective       :  
  Develop effective supervision skills, which would help earn respect, create right job fitments and also help develop the ability to take planned action at an appropriate time depending on the situation.
  To help supervisors understand their role in promoting and inculcating positive and proactive employee relations.
  To help understand the intricacies of human behaviour and to equip them with man management skills.
  To help improve his effectiveness on the job and help him become an effective communicator and leader.
  To help the participants understand the concept of Situational leadership and how it works.
  Leaders role in team building
  Enhance Your Effectiveness 2Days
Objective       :  
  To develop simple clear & precise style of Communication
  Understand the fine requirement of Business Communication
  Develop confidence to express ideas & views
  Understanding & managing self

  Develop result oriented team working & build trust, mutual support & respect.
  Positive thinking & Relationship Management
Objective       :  
  Attitude & its impact on our personal & Professional Growth
  Instant negative reaction we produce
  Converting negative thoughts into positive
  Individual responsibility & also with the people (team) we are working.
  Facing challenges
  Working with negative people
  Attitude Adjustments, Attitude towards change
  Relationship Management , Managing conflicts
  Listening / Empathy / Perception
  Holding on to once view, Arguments / discussions
  Managing the behavior with a difficult person
  Leadership Skills 1Days
Objective       :  
  To Develop Effective Leadership Skills & Tools for managing performance.
  To consider the Principles of Leadership and Practices
  For Development of Critical Leadership Skills
  Leadership Styles
  Leader's Role in Developing & Managing Team